December 18, 2015

I have been using the Automated Portfolio Manager program for a year. AMP is a unique program for pair trading. The key feature is that it is extremely flexible. If you are a pair trader, you will definitely find a use for this program regardless of your trading style. It can also be used for automating your regular single stock trading. You would pay several times more for this level of automation from other sources or from hiring a programmer. Another thing I like is the excellent customer support provided by the company. Alex, the company’s chief developer and trader, is a dedicated, hard working person with excellent listening skills, he was responsive to all my requests. Without any reservations, I highly recommend the APM program.

How long have you been trading? 12 years
How long have you used this software? 1 year

– Michael S.

March 30, 2015

I have used the software for trading pairs for the last 3 months or so. It does an excellent job of entering and exiting my positions. I could not trade pairs without it. You can set your price to enter pairs and then set a price to exit or you can use a stop price to exit. You can use either shares or dollar amounts to set your position.  It also has a function to control the slippage.  It is very flexible.

How long have you been trading? 10 years
How long have you used this software? 3 or 4 months

– Dean J.

January 7, 2011

I am grateful to Alex for building such a user-friendly tool. It has helped me tremendously in automating my strategies. I recommend PWA to any serious trader who wants to trade pairs automated or just wants to keep his/her manual trading of pairs organized.

How long have you been a trader? 11 years
How long have you used this software? 2-3 months

-Behrooz K.

January 6, 2011

Hey Alex,

I am writing to thank you for designing an excellent product, the Automated Portfolio Watcher. It has literally liberated my trading and taken it to a different level. It frees my mindspace to spend time on making decisions rather than be tangled in the minute details of executing the trades. I just have to set it for a pair and then I can move on to the next one without needing to watch the first one for anything. This greatly enhances productivity. Use of pairs and fundamental data using PairStats also ensures that I have the latest data on the fly.

It helps me be in line with JVC guidelines of operating slightly long in our portfolio. I can easily adjust how much %long or short I want to work without worrying about how many more shares I need to operate with.

The customization in PWA allows me to change it on the fly to suit my tastes. I can put in my formulas to make calculations to be used in my trades. I can also use it to add more formulas for my decision support system.

It has made a dramatic positive difference in my trading. It helps me focus on my trading decisions rather than struggle with complex order entry. I have found it to be a feature-rich, clean, flexible tool to enhance my trading. Features like Dynamic ratio keeps me capital balanced without me needing to worry about it. These and many other features have really eased the trading process for me and made it less hectic.

On top of it you are always there to help answer any questions and are very willing to make the changes to enhance the product further. Thanks for making a great product which we should be greatly thankful to you for!!

How long have you been a trader? 1.5 year
How long have you used this software? 8 months

-Rahul P.

January 6, 2011

Portfolio Watcher Automated has improved and simplified the management and execution of my portfolio. The flexibility of the program and ability to be customized also give this program a serious advantage over similar products. Great Products ArbPairs!

How long have you been a trader? 1 year
How long have you used this software? 1 year

-Colton D.

January 6, 2011

I started with the 1.74 and am now also using the 1.81 along with my customized 1.74. Personally, I prefer using the PWA, the ability to place my orders, either sell, buy or stop in a solid format provides a new level in my trading in regards to consistency and confidence of trade execution. As well, the flexibility of the program to adapt to customization is also very beneficial to a successful trading career.

How long have you been a trader? 1 year as a Series7 trader
How long have you used this software? 8 months

-Roberto S.

January 6, 2011

I would like to say that using the PWA has helped my trading in countless ways. Using the PWA has helped keep my trading more organized. The automatic trade log has been a key to this.Having the automatic logging of trades has allowed me to stay more focused on trading and not data entry.The design is very user friendly. In the 6 months I have used the program I have not had any technical issues at all. I would recommend this program to anyone and I believe it is an essential tool in staying profitable.

How long have you been a trader? 3 years
How long have you used this software? 6 months

-Adam O.
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