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Pair trading software offered by ArbPairs:

Our pair trade execution and portfolio management software (APM) enables traders to watch, trade and manage a portfolio of pairs (and single stocks) and set up targets to enter and exit positions. There’s enough flexibility built in to enable fully automated trading based on volatility of each individual pair. - pair trading software - 01 - APM Demo - Watch List tab

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It’s important to continuously monitor and update statistical values for each pair in order to make sure the edge is still there. We help traders achieve this with our proprietary pairs statistics calculation service – PairStats. A gateway for accessing PairStats data is built into our pair-trading application (APM) and traders can pull a wide variety of fundamental and statistical data points. Fundamental data is pulled from our database (which is updated on a daily basis), while statistical values are calculated on demand and sent back to requesting client. Once in APM, traders can then set up trading rules or indicators based on these statistical values. - pair trading software - pair stats - 1

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If you don’t know how to put pairs together or don’t have too much time in your day for research – we have a pair generator that outputs over 1000 pairs every weekend. These pairs are generated based on specific rules where long stocks always have multiple fundamental advantages over the short stock. This list of pairs is distributed in an Excel workbook and contains statistical and fundamental values for each pair and can be filtered to find highly advantageous pair setups that exhibit the most edge: - pair trading software - arbpairs reports - pair generator demo

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