We are going to host a webinar about pair-trading. It will be a hands-on learning experience where each student will be using our software.

Speakers: TBA

Target audience:

  • Proprietary or trading-desk traders who wish to explore additional trading strategy
  • Advanced retail traders with at least $200K buying power
  • Access to one of the supported trading platforms:
    REDI+, Sterling Trader Pro, KCG Knight, Interactive Brokers TWS

We will cover the following topics and concepts:

  • pair trading fundamentals
  • putting pairs together
  • back-testing pairs to establish trading rules
  • using APM to track and trade pairs
  • setting up automation rules
  • setting up data collection
  • setting up custom indicators
  • setting up custom trading rules

Included with your class:

  • Software usage during the class and 3 months after the class
    (Includes the entire package: APM, PairStats and ArbPairs Reports)


  • $1791 $999

(limited time offer)